Engage and Delight Me
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Engage and Delight Me

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engage and delight me


Customers enjoy your products and services using capabilities such as promotions, awards, allowances and loyalty rewards

Guest Purchases

Visitors whom intend to make a purchase, may choose from devices or services. Visitors are now "Guests" in the system and may interface with a Contact Center or Retail Store Agent to complete the purchase. At this point, based on the intent, the customer journey is either a Device First or a Plan First flow. To find out more, fill out easy to sign-up subscriber form.

Customer Interactions

Customer Care or Retail Store Agents authenticate, identify and verify customer identity after which may proceed to understand the reason for the customer interaction and may easily determine the next set of actions to be taken as well as capabilities to log the reasons and susequent follow up where applicable.

Agents are also able to proactively determine customers' intent via historical information when contact based on predictive analysis of previous actions taken such as enquiry history, browsing interest, purchases and other customer usage behaviour and as a result are able to offer a superior market experience.


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