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    The Amdocs Digital Brand Experience Suite, as a Service is a cloud native, digital customer and revenue management system capable of monetizing any product or service. We serve service providers who have a cross section of vertical subscription-based services or who have a small or midsize subscriber base and provide a well-defined and pre-integrated set of core functional domains covering a variety of use cases.

    We've broadly outlined Customer Journeys, Microservices and APIs at a descriptive level and a Glossary and encourage you to consider signing up and gain full access to our Knowledge Center where you may also access even more indepth videos, articles and self-paced courseware to help you know all about our product experience.

    Customer Journeys

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    Our Customer Journeys provides a 360° experience which includes key flows of engagement, shopping, usage, help and assistance and also in case of retention and departure.

    Microservices and APIs

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    Our Microservices and APIs provide reference information about what's "under the hood" allow you to get a description that helps if you want to build out your own integration capabilities.


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    Our Glossary provides the main terms and acronyms for quick reference.