Microservices and APIs
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    Microservices and APIs

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    Welcome to our Microservices and APIs section. We have a rich set of microservices and APIs which cover the full spectrum of services giving you the ability to easily create and check how to integrate.

    Account Management

    Empower your customer care and retail store agent experience by using our out-of-the-box Account Management microservices. Choose from over 70 APIs which allow management of a customer's account from creation to modification including address changes, inventory selection and also help provide information on payment plan information and tax exemptions.

    Adjustment Management

    Adjustments are managed via these microservices and rich set of APIs which allow Customer Care and Retail Store agents the ability to request and make adjustments.


    Identity Governance checks and ensures that the access provided is only after the right level of authorization. Authentication once completed successfully allows the usage of a session-based, time-bound token which shows, hides, grants and revokes a user's ability to use product features.

    Balance Management

    Balance Management is relevant for prepaid scenarios involving balances, vouchers and recharges. As a part of multiple customer journeys, customers are interested to check out the latest offers and packages. Bundles which offer more maybe designed and eventually, as is the general trend, the gradual shift from Prepaid to Postpaid ensuring recurring revenues and greater flexibility which maybe offered to Customers.

    Bulk Process Management

    In order to be able to perform Bulk Processes, APIs are provided to allow easy file upload and download.

    Business Process Management

    A host of different APIs allow queue management for cases, handling of notes and configuration of case handling memberships for Contact Center and Retail Store Agents.

    Case Management

    A set of APIs which allow a more effective management of Cases i.e. to track average handling time and efficiency in case and query resolution.

    Charge Management

    Charges such as one time charges (also known as non recurring charges), balance charges and other charge related information are handled by these APIs.

    Collections Management

    APIs to help configure collections efforts on the basis of delinquency and to help manage key collections metrics such as promise-to-pay and installments.

    Contact Management

    As a part of the signup process, these APIs help manage contacts throughout the entire life cycle of a contact.

    Document Management

    Scenarios requiring a document to be uploaded in order to be able to perform a particular action use these APIs which provide the abilities to upload, retrieve or remove documents from a document management system which may be integrated with them.

    Interaction Management

    Customer interactions take place at Retail Store or Contact Center touchpoints and are accordingly managed via these APIs and help provide insights into past interactions as well which in turn may help in providing a more insightful customer experience.

    Invoice Management

    A customer's usage information maybe setup by these APIs providing record level information on services consumed and other billing information required.

    Notification Management

    Setup notifications based on a pre-defined set of templates using these APIs which are crucial to alerting for an account holder as well as logging a past history of Notifications

    OCS Ordering Management

    Easily integrate with an OCS using these Ordering Management microservice APIs which subscriber management.

    Payment Management

    Payments are easily managed via multiple channels via the usage of these APIs.

    Product Catalog Management

    A great shopping experience maybe created by using these APIs which allow a full spectrum of choices which may be setup for customers.

    Shopping Cart Management

    Browse and Buy using these specific APIs which allow focus on the specific aspects of the shopping experience.

    UI Services

    Use this set of UI APIs to retrieve the information needed for a 360° customer view such as key service and usage details as well as historical information on demand.

    User Management

    A set of identity governance APIs which help orchestrate and configure the user management process from creation and activation to expiry and deactivation.

    Workforce Management

    Manage day to day work orders via the Workforce Management APIs and set them up to integrate with an external Work Force Management system

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